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Pollença Church and Market

Mallorca, Spain



Universidad San Pablo CEU, Madrid


Design Studio VI - 4th year



Eduardo de la Peña Javier Sáenz Guerra

Pollença Master Plan is the outcome of an inquiry about the impact of buildings in the public space. In other words, can a public space be inherent to an architectural project? The project comprises mixed-use buildings, facilities, a market and a church. The main purpose of this design studio was to develop the market and the church anywhere within the Master Plan zone.

What are the roles of the market and the church within the social dynamic?

The market becomes once again an urban element. It is between the people, as a connection between any activity which involves the surrounding buildings; since every person who walks along the designated area of the urban project is participating in the market life, even if they are just walking beside it or even if the market stalls are closed. The project is alive any time.

On the other hand, the church's configuration operates as an auditorium. It combines form, structure and traditions without overlooking functionality and flexibility. Therefore, it exalts the importance of every single person.

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