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Santa Maria Market

Mexico City



Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey


Design Studio IV - 3rd year


Design Team

Jose Manuel Zurutuza and Miguel Lopez Melendez



Victor Alcerreca and Balazs Nemeth


Finalist INGENIA 2006 First Prize: “Summer Internship in Rogers, Stirk, Harbour + Partners” in London, England


What is the scope of an architectural project?

The proposal involves a Market, a Day-Care Center and Dorms in the neighborhood of Santa Maria la Ribera in Mexico City. The project was created to revitalize the social dynamic and reduce problems such as insecurity and pollution by proposing mixed uses as well as indirect benefits for people who live in the neighborhood.

The architectural project is not an isolated component within the city. It has an urban impact and vice versa. Therefore, Santa Maria Market must address not only those people who would enter the market but also the pedestrians on the sidewalk. The market becomes a public space even when the market stalls are closed.

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