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3D Quad

New York City, United States



Harvard University Graduate School of Design


Elements of Urban Design - Core Design Studio


Design Team

Michael O’Neill and Miguel Lopez Melendez


Instructor: Robert Lane


Publication Elements of Urban Design 2012: The Lincoln Tunnel Harvard University Graduate School of Design

The 3D Campus gathers professionals from a wide disciplinary spectrum to study emerging phenomena and address problems related to increasing world urbanization. The technical complexity of understanding these urban trends can only be tackled through intense interdisciplinary collaboration.

The 3D Campus translates the social intimacy and intensity of the traditional university quad to suit the interdiscilpinary and collaborative demands of modern research and education.

Hyper connectivity is necessary to facilitate this collaboration, allowing the greatest minds from the numerous academic institutions in the Northeastern corridor to quickly and easily meet and conduct research. This prerequisite of connectivity is strategically served by the campus site, located adjacent to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, Penn Station and regional rail connectivity, the number seven subway line extension, a ferry station with service to Brooklyn, New Jersey and Staten Island, as well as the Lincoln Tunnel which supports bus and interstate automobile connectivity.

These professionals not only need a space to meet, but also room to set up shop, utilizing New York City as an urban laboratory and the campus as a classroom and home base. To highlight the significance of the study of urbanization, the campus has a strong and permanent prominent public presence.

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